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Fine Mist Spray Bottle (smaller size)


Our Fine Mist Spray Bottle is a unique spray bottle with a comfortable curved design that fits easily in your hand while providing a powerful Aerosol-like spray mist that can be used in any spraying position. Great for misting plants, hair styling, glass cleaning, surface cleaning, ironing, and for many more uses.

Color: Black
(holds 150ml about 5Oz of liquid)
Material:Food-grade PET plastic

1.Do not holds more than 60 degrees of hot water.
2.Make-up water, high concentrations of alcohol can be used, the only requirement is pure and no impurities.
3.Please note that there may be residual water in the bottle, and this is because we test each bottle before posting/delivering them.

10 in stock (can be backordered)



Features & details
Professional delay spray effect.
Unique Design—hold and continuously sprays for 3 seconds,multiple push equals a continuous spray, saving time and energy by reducing the number of compressions.
0.3 mm diameter nozzles,continuous spray repeated actuation produces and endless spray allowing large areas to be covered evenly.
Adopt this nano-technology with a thin nozzle, suitable to be used for food because of itsPET grade material, which is non-toxic and tasteless.

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